Schubert roses
Schubert roses
After completing his studies at the Technicon in Pretoria Barry Schubert worked on a citrus farm for a number of years. During this time he built up extensive experience in grafting, plant propagation and nursery management.

Returning to Pretoria in 1992 he bought the farm outside Cullinan and together with Robbie they founded the nursery. Robbie has traditionally been involved in marketing and he is heading the sales team of Schubert roses. Together they focused on landscaping and the mass production of plants involved in landscaping and corporate gardens. They were, amongst others, responsible for the maintenance of the gardens at wholesale roses
  • BMW in Midrand and Rosslynn
  • Midrand Town Council
In 2010 they started establishing rootstock roses in preparation to establish a wholesale rose nursery while phasing out of the landscaping business. It was decided to concentrate on grafted roses with a fragrance.

A grafted rose consists of two parts namely a rootstock and a scion. The rootstock provides the plant with a fast-growing sturdy root system while the scion is the fragrant rose that is grafted on the rootstock. Roses propagated by grafting will flourish for a very long time. There are grafted roses in Pretoria that have been planted 25 years ago and are still going strong today.

Schubert roses
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